AdWords Campaign Optimization

With our advanced tracking implementation, we have identified the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that drove the most number of enrollments at a lower CPE. By optimizing AdWords campaigns to meet client’s end goal, we were able to generate a 66% higher lead volume at a 44% cheaper CPL within 60 days after the initial optimization. The cost per enrollment ultimately dropped by 77%.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services include an initial site-wide audit, backlink analysis, and an on-site implementation that is ensured to maximize your site exposure and visibility. In under 3 months we have increased our client’s website traffic by 23%.

Organic website traffic increased by 23%.

Microsite A/B Split Test

We constantly experiment and A/B test landing pages to improve conversion rates. Our data has proved that our newly re-designed landing page helped users convert at a 108.85% higher rate.


Conversion rate increased by 108.85%.


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