With over 15 years of experience, we take pride in creating digital marketing campaigns for organizations that wish to harness the power and scale of online channels to achieve their business objectives.

We offer customized digital solutions for a wide range of industries such as, but not limited to, Education, Legal and Solar. Headquartered in Vancouver and with an office in Mumbai, Mantra Digital is available 24/7 to support you and your team.

Founder & CEO

Vivek Zaveri

Having graduated magna cum laude from Pace University in New York with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems and Marketing, Vivek is the pioneer and visionary behind Mantra Digital.

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Our Team

Christian Brugger

Director of Paid Media

Donal Murray

Account Executive

Paul Sunders

Account Manager

Priscila Sotelino

Account Manager

Nima Aref

Business Analyst

Jay Dharia

Chief Technology Officer

Sophia Kang

Senior Search Marketing Manager

Ann Vilayil

Search Marketing Specialist

Winny Angelia

Search Marketing Intern

Jasmine Chen

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Mary Aigbokhai

Search & Marketing Intern

Campbell Munsie

Publisher Manager

Nilesh Jaiswal

Senior Campaign Manager

Mansi Shah

Senior Project Manager

Deepak Sharma

Project Development Manager

Sushant Khairnar

UI Developer

Manali Mayekar

Executive Assistant

Pranav Zaveri

Managing Partner

Alex Pekarsky


Shelly Low


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